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The Navigate Project at Motivate Lab brings you The Navigator Toolkit, an online repository of evidence-based resources and activities that highlights learning mindset supportive practices.

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Introducing the

Navigator Toolkit

The toolkit is designed to support postsecondary advising practitioners in identifying ways to implement growth mindset, purpose and relevance, or sense of belonging practices into their programming.

Resources are added to the toolkit regularly as new practices from high-quality research are identified. We welcome suggestions and submission of case studies to be included in future updates of the toolkit, as well as comments or questions. Please email Terra Browne,

About Using the ToolKit

Latest Resources


The Growth Mindset Playbook

Research indicates that students with a growth mindset view effort and struggle more positively and are more likely to thrive in the face of challenges.



The Purpose & Relevance Playbook

Research indicates that making and reflecting on a connection between a personal interest or experience and what is being learned in class can increase a student’s sense of value in what they are learning and eventually lead to increased learning and academic performance. 



The Sense of Belonging Playbook

Research indicates relatively brief exercises designed to increase belonging also improve relationships, learning, health, and well-being that extend years into the future. 

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This project seeks to accelerate the adoption of evidence-based learning mindset-supportive practices among postsecondary advising programs by codifying existing practices among innovative programs, building the capacity to integrate new practices into the postsecondary advising space, and laying the infrastructure for infusing practices into advising programs more broadly. Stay connected with us.

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